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The benefits offered by GeoExchange systems can be summarized as follows:

  • One appliance provides both heating and cooling, reducing maintenance compared to conventional fossil fuel and cooling tower systems;
  • Flexible layout with a reduction in mechanical space;
  • As the atmosphere is not used as a heat sink, bulky and noisy exterior equipment such as cooling towers and condensing units are not necessary;
  • High coefficients of performance due to favorable ground temperatures leading to economical operating costs;
  • Hot water for domestic or snow melting use can be scavenged any time the compressors are running;
  • An all-electric service classification from the New York Power Authority at an average of $0.08 per kilowatt hour allows economical operating costs; this is approximately equivalent to $0.62/gallon fuel oil and $0.69 /therm gas for an average GeoExchange efficiency (COP=3.5)
  • The fossil fuel used is burned at a large, industrial generating facility where air scrubbers and other anti-pollution equipment can be installed due to the economy of scale.
  • Chilled water is available, which has superior latent cooling capabilities.
  • Excellent zoning and part load performance

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency showed today’s geothermal heat pumps:

  • Provide the lowest cost heating & cooling, even when higher first costs are factored into analysis
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps had the lowest CO2 (greenhouse gas) emissions and the lowest over all environmental cost
  • Can be highly cost-effective for utility conservation programs
  • Provide strategic partnerships to promote advance space conditioning equipment

Quality of Life Factors

  • The negative Aesthetics of a myriad window air conditioners or a noisy air conditioning condenser on a roof or in a garden is alleviated. Historic buildings or buildings in historic districts where external equipment is not allowed have been provided with air conditioning with no external condensers to mar a building outline.
  • The personal Comfort Geothermal Heat Pumps provided by a geothermal heat pump system can be tied to superior year around humidity control.